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Robert Cushman Timeline

Robert Cushman Timeline

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  • 1577 - 1625

    Life of Robert Cushman who negotiated the funding and provision for the voyage of the Mayflower to the New World.

  • 1603 - 1606

    Separatist Robert Cushman is arrested three times for distributing anti-Anglican publications in England.

  • c. 1607

    Robert Cushman and his family join a separatist congregation fleeing England for the more religiously tolerant Netherlands.

  • 1611

    Robert Cushman's wife and two children die in Leiden, Netherlands.

  • 1617 - 1620

    Robert Cushman negotiates with businessmen of London to finance and equip the voyage of the Mayflower to the New World.

  • 1620

    Robert Cushman remains behind in England after falling ill after negotiations; the Mayflower leaves without him.

  • 1621

    Robert Cushman travels to Plymouth Colony with new patent and contract; delivers first published sermon given in the Americas.

  • 1621 - 1622

    Robert Cushman returns to England with the manuscript of Mourt's Relation, an account of the founding of Plymouth Colony, which he has published in 1622 CE.

  • 1645

    Posthumous publication of Robert Cushman's book The Cry of a Stone, defining the Separatist vision.

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